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Ben Ivey is one of the world's leading authorities in the entrepreneur lifestyle, a global speaker and thought leader. He is the Founder of Entrepreneur Lifestyle, a business coach and investor.

He’s been watched over half a million times online and works with global leaders, CEOs and Fortune 500 companies, helping to improve performance, increase efficiency and boost business growth. He is a key influencer in China, a bilingual speaker and completed a TED talk in Mandarin Chinese.

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Tanya helps the “Self-less” to become more “Self-led” helping to bring their life back into balance. After spending their life dedicated to helping others they have often lost themselves along the way. Helping others left unchecked and unfocused can quickly lead to exhaustion. Through the concept of The Fulfilment / Exhaustion Funnel, Tanya helps them use a simple framework to put their needs and dreams first.

Tanya was the UK’s first trained Entrepreneur Lifestyle Coach under Ben Ivey. She helps her clients to change the focus of their life from others back to them. Giving them a greater capacity to continue to help other in a more impactful and sustainable way. Most often through building their business online allowing to live life on their terms and choose life.

Why wait until you are on your death bed to discover the person you wished you had been? The positive impact you could have had and the life you should have lived!


Mark Skinner is a public speaking expert, communication trainer, and expert coach based in Shanghai. Mark believes that everyone should have a voice in their life and be able to effectively communicate in their lives.

He empowers people through workshops, courses and coaching. He was the first of Ben’s trainers to run a simultaneous workshop live in Shanghai whilst Ben ran the same live workshop in the UK. Together Mark has helped expand the team’s impact in China and helped inspire thousands.

Mark is the founder of “Man Up” Shanghai’s first men’s support group and leading Zmack Shanghai, as part of his mission to help people from all walks of life to understand and express themselves better in order to have a more fulfilling life. Mark has also been living and learning in China for almost a decade as a career educator and humanist.


Fabienne Locher is a personal growth coach and founder of Step out of your Box that helps people unleash their potential. For over 20 years she has immersed herself in conscious personal & spiritual growth and now helps others to take the next step on their growth journey.

Her inner work has led Fabienne to constantly step out of her comfort zone. She has sailed to remote islands, lived in 5 countries and even competed in world championships in Swiss Synchronized Skating. She even climbed the “success ladder” as senior management, leading global multimillion-dollar projects, before becoming a personal growth coach full time.

Through coaching, retreats or unique experiences, Fabienne inspires people to reach a higher level of consciousness to maximize their unique life experience. Her mission is to advance humanity through conscious inner growth.

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